WorkshopSummer Perfumery School Launch

Sunburnt greetings from Greece!

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our week-long perfume course series, which we developed in partnership with the Los Angeles Institute of Art and Olfaction (IAO). This course is the first of its kind. It provides a no-nonsense approach to fragrance formulation giving aspiring perfumers all the necessary tools and frameworks to create formulas with confidence and professionalism.

This summer, the school took place on the island of Syros – one of the less discovered islands of the Cyclades in Greece. There was no particular reason for why we chose the island, other than its unique cuisine, gorgeous architecture and tranquillity.

Participants enjoyed the view of the main Syros cathedral every lunchtime

We welcomed 13 students from all over the world; from the US, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Israel, who were all looking to enhance their perfume making skills. Classes would begin at 9 am and continue throughout the day until 7pm (with a 2-hour siesta lunch break in between, enough to escape the mid-day heat, fuel up on some delicious local food and take a dip in the sea). We divided our days into morning sessions and afternoon sessions. The mornings were dedicated to lectures, q&a’s, smelling our way through various natural and synthetic perfume materials, as well as looking at example formulas written by Spyros. The afternoons were set aside for blending practice and experimentation.

Aside from being a valuable and helpful course, we think it is safe to say that everybody had a genuinely fun, inspiring time and made lots of new friends.

We wish all of the participants best of luck in their future fragrance endeavours!