WorkshopWinter Perfumery School 2019 with Spyros Drosopoulos

Hello from sunny California!

A rather busy start of the year for us. We have just finished teaching our second instalment of the ongoing perfume course series in partnership with The Institute of Art and Olfaction. Following the numerous requests and overwhelmingly positive feedback which we received after our Summer Perfumery School on Syros in 2018, we felt encouraged to run the course for the second time. It is a programme that we now run twice a year; in the summer and in the winter.

This time the classes were hosted in  Los Angeles; in the very heart of China Town where the Institute’s headquarters are.  The course is designed to provide a no-nonsense introduction to fragrance formulation. The programme also provides its students with all the materials and tips an independent perfumer could ask for. Designed in partnership with the Institute of Art and Olfaction, it aims to help independent perfumers to become confident with their technical skills and enhance their professionalism.

Participants of Winter 2019 Perfumery School and perfumer Spyros Drosopulos posing outside of the Institute of Art and Olfaction (Los Angeles) Credit: Saskia Wilson-Brown

The classes kicked off on Monday at 9 am with an in-depth look into fragrance families, working with bases and working safely with individual fragrance molecules. We discussed in detail which particular materials are related to which particular fragrance families (e.g. cologne, chypre,fougère, etc. ) Ever wanted to be able to create your own fruit, tuberose and white florals accords? We’ve got you covered! Throughout the week we dived even deeper into individual fragrances families and learned how to create sound formulas without relying on pre-blended bases.

We also discussed at length the current landscape of the perfume industry as well as delved into certain intricacies such as suppliers, supply chains and traps to be avoided.

Afternoons were of course, just like last time, reserved for experimental practice. Participants were welcome to experiment to their heart’s content and had unlimited access to the Institute’s full collection of aroma molecules. Throughout the sessions, Spyros and the rest of the team were available to provide help and feedback. To learn more about the course please visit IAO’s website.