Fragrance Collaboration 2021: BARUTI PERFUMES x The Red List Project Will Help Save Endangered Plant Species.

BARUTI’s Ambient Fragrance Spray is back with a whole new look and a whole new purpose.

The re-launching of the Ambient Fragrance Spray started with meeting Dr. Peggy Fiedler, founder of The Red List Project (TRLP), a non-profit conservationist group based in California. Dr. Fielder and her team are dedicated to preventing the extinction of the world’s most threatened plants and ecosystems by identifying ‘hotspots’ where the planet’s biodiversity is most at risk. BARUTI’s partnership with TRLP is strictly in the interest of future environmental conservation. 50% of profits from PORTLANDIA and PALERMO VIOLET are donated directly to the organization to give these plants a chance to survive extinction, and hopefully, get off the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Plants. Learn more about TRLP here.

The science behind this type of conservation is truly fascinating. By first observing these endangered plants in the wild, we then synthesize their scent signatures in the lab, and through the magic of chemistry, we are able to showcase these critically endangered plant species, without the environmental impact of harvesting. Master Perfumer and founder of BARUTI PERFUMES, Spyros Drosopoulos, traveled to the mountains of Sicily, with TRLP, to observe the delicate Palermo Violet in the wild.

The Huntington Library of Los Angeles granted exclusive access to their, Portlandia platantha, tree, located in their world-famous botanical garden. Originally native to Jamaica, the Portlandia tree, is an IUCN Critically endangered species in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) with deliciously fragrant trumpet flowers. These striking trees are currently known from only a single documented locality and the wild population is in steady decline.

We love our planet, just about as much as we love the sciences working to protect it. We truly hope you enjoy the attention, love, and care that has gone into the creation of these special edition products in collaboration with The Red List Project.  Shop all four of BARUTI’s Ambient Fragrance Sprays here.