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Our mission

Making a splash in the world of fragrances

Born out of love for the art of perfumery, BARUTI is on a quest to combine creativity with wearability. We strive to create scents that defy fragrance conventions and unfold into unique compositions on the skin.

Composed and compounded in-house, our fragrance formulas do not compromise on the quality of raw materials and originality.

Every BARUTI fragrance is a mini-explosion; audacious, unique but always wearable.

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Our Background

How it all started

Spyros Drosopoulos is a former neuroscientist who traded the comfortable cocoon of academia for a life of adventure in fragrance.

His life-long fascination with scent, led him down the rabbit hole of studying perfumery. After several years of intensively studying and experimenting with hundreds of raw materials, Spyros released his first creations in 2015.

Being a perfumer, turned out to be the perfect profession; providing him with a creative outlet as well as satisfying his scientific curiosity.

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Our retailers

Where to find us

BARUTI is available in niche perfumeries and concept stores all around the world. To get the details of points of sale closest to you, please contact us.

Alternatively, feel free to explore our line  at your own pace from wherever you may be in the world by ordering one of our discovery sets.

Baruti – Greek for “gunpowder” – also a word used to describe something that has bite or edge. Each fragrance has its own rebellious personality which melds with the personality of the wearer.

Spyros Drosopoulos
Our process

How our fragrances are created

All of BARUTI’s formulas are created by the perfumer behind the brand – Spyros Drosopoulos. Inspired by rare raw materials, world cuisine and the arts, he begins his process by trying to capture a particular fragment of inspiration and translating it into the language of scent. Sometimes the narrative is set by the perfumer, and sometimes the fragrance sets its own story. Before the story is completed, the formula may undergo hundreds of changes.

All of our fragrances are composed and compounded by hand in-house in our studio in Amsterdam. Read more about our process and materials we use in our Journal.

Team Behind Baruti Perfumes
Our Team

Who we are

We are three friends who are are united by a passion for perfumery. Every day we work together to design and create exciting, soulful fragrances with a personality. Each of us has a role to play.

Spyros Drosopoulos (center) – is the perfumer and founder of the brand. When not writing formulas and evaluating new raw materials, he can be found playing his drums or travelling the world.

Madeleine Hillen (right) – is the perfumer’s assistant and laboratory queen.  When she is not running the lab or blending formulas; you will most likely find her doing ballet or testing out the latest beauty trends.

Maria Chetskaya (left) – is the brand manager. When not smuggling perfumes or answering emails, she is likely to be brewing up some fancy tea or attempting to learn Dutch.