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Strong perfume discovery set

BARUTI offers a strong perfume discovery set that allows you to discover the various fragrances we create. You will experience an explosion of scent on your skin, as our perfumes are strong, intense and memorable. We combine creativity and wearability, resulting in perfumes that intrigue, move and inspire anyone that smells it. Discover your favourite fragrance and order our discovery set that is full of strong and long-lasting perfume.

The contents of our strong perfume discovery set

You will receive various strong perfume samples when your order our discovery set. It is the perfect way to discover which of our unique fragrances matches your personal style the best. Every single one of our luxury perfumes will transport you into a particular memory or sensation, as we aim to capture a feeling into our scents. Our formulas could be completed within a few weeks, but it could also take years before we are happy with the result. However long it takes, your favourite perfume is the result of hard work and dedication combined with interesting materials.

New to the brand?

You now have the opportunity to try all our scents at your own pace before you commit to a full bottle.

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Are you interested in the unisex perfume from our niche brand? Order the discovery set in our online shop and find out which of our scents suits you perfectly. We will ship your order within one working day after ordering. Additionally, you can also get in touch with us to find the retailer closest to you that offers our scents. You can reach us by filling out our contact form, by calling +31(0)65 881 2208 or by sending an email to

We are featured

“I like playing with moods and emotions. Perfumes offer a way to escape from reality, only you don’t have to interrupt your daily activities to enjoy them..”

“BARUTI pushes at perfume’s traditional boundaries and […] takes its customers on an emotional journey”

The latest release from BARUTI is Perverso – a name that appeals to the imagination. It is made with ingredients that have been proven to have an arousing effect. Powerful but wearable. (trans. from Dutch)

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